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Make dropshipping easy for real

With the help of Internet, people are connected to each other closely than ever. Communication, travel, transnational trading became easier than ever before.Thanks to the development of Internet and logistic industry, people could easily buy or sell products to most of countries in the world.


Dropshippers, as participants of transnational trading, are very active in the industry. With dropshipping model, dropshipper do not need to manage suppliers, logistic, stock. What you need is to acquire and take good use of the knowledge of getting traffic and establishing a store page with all kinds of convenient tools

​If you are new to dropshipping , you might think "How easy it is..." after reviewing the introduction above.However ,I have to say "But...“. 

You will meet a lot of difficulties when you develop your business.

"Holy shit, it takes almost a day to add and edit a few products information in my store!"

"Do I have to fill in customer information order by order?!"

"I can't make payment on AliExpress!"

Making dropshipping easy for you is our mission

DSers is a dropshipping solution app helping with multiple Shopify store management, products importing and editing, automated multiple order placing to AliExpress.

Key features:
  • Products trending data tracker and manager.

  • Multiple Shopify stores manager

  • AliExpress whitelist account service

  • Products importer and editor

  • Automated orders placing to AliExpress

  • Pre-set shipping method

  • Shipping information tracker

  • Override products easily whenever you need

Join DSers Pro and enjoy dropshipping!



 DSers is a platform that provides drop shipping solutions. It helps to improve the efficiency of people with online stores by allowing users to place multiple orders to AliExpress in just ONE CLICK. 


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